Oreo Ice cream

Oreo Ice cream

Dessert after a dinner is what makes it a perfect end to your Sundays. And what better than an Oreo ice cream dessert prepared at home. Be it weekend with friends, family get together or just a plain lunch or dinner, dessert at the end makes it all good. The cool, creamy, yummy ice cream with crunches of oreo are hard to refuse even on a chilling winter night. All it takes is just a few ingredients.


  • Whipped cream- 500g
  • Condensed milk- 400ml
  • Vanilla essence- 1 tbsp
  • Oreo cookies- 12 to 15 pieces


In a bowl, beat the whipped cream with a beater or a hand blender until the cream thickens. Add condensed milk and vanilla essence to the whipped cream and beat everything with a blender, so as to make sure that all the ingredients are mixed well together.

Place the Oreo cookies in a plastic bag and crush them well. Add these crushed cookies into the bowl of cream and whisk everything together.

Pour the mixture of cookies and cream in a large container. Cover the lid of the container and allow it to freeze overnight or if not, at least for 6 hours.

And your Oreo ice cream is ready to be served post lunch or dinner. Get creative while presenting the ice cream by topping it with chocolate syrup, choco chips or maybe some more Oreo cookies. Add your style to it.

Easy, isn’t it?

So what are you waiting for? Try it now, before your mouth starts watering.. 😉

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